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About ESA

ESA Prides itself on being the Largest Economics Club on Campus, and for good reason! We offer a broad variety of opportunities to get involved, build your resume, gain valuable professional skills and more. Plus, students of any major are invited to join!


Careers Trips

ESA is proud to have two yearly member trips, one to New York and Chicago where club members get the opportunity to speak to professionals in desirable industries.

In past years we have been fortunate to visit some of the country's top investment companies, financial institutions and even the FED!

Professional Growth

Over the past few years ESA has been proud to boast a large mentorship program, through which UW Madison students are paired with professionals across a variety of industries. 

This program gives you the opportunity to grow your professional network and learn from somebody that has been in your shoes before and can help you land that next position!


Each year ESA hosts a variety of speaker events from individuals in companies such as Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Chase Bank, State of Wisconsin Investment Board and more!

There are also social events to join, some events in the past have been: nights at the comedy club, bowling, escape rooms and nights at the terrace.



ESA also offers Academic services, helping to tutor students and providing the opportunity to find others in the same classes as you!

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