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Mentorship Program

October 8th

Deadline for Students to apply

October 15th

Mentors will be paired


The goal of the ESA mentorship program is to give our members the opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships with alumni in areas of the mentee’s career of interest. These mentors will share their knowledge and expertise with mentees, as well as help members to set goals and formulate a plan on how to achieve those goals. We have mentors in a variety of industries such as economic consulting, management consulting, policy research, data science, law, investment banking, and venture capital, to name a few. These mentors are a resource for students and can help with everything from cover letters and resumes to networking and preparing to begin their career.

The program consists of two mentor/mentee meetings per semester. There will be a structure provided for these meetings, however, mentees are encouraged to ask any questions they are curious about. Mentors will also have the opportunity to share any information they feel is valuable for mentees entering the professional world. Our mentors are excited to help mentees grow both personally and professionally!

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